Approach, Standards, and Ethics

Westall Murray International provides consulting, services, and solutions in the fields of Project Management, Business Analysis, Training, IT, and related management and technical disciplines. Such services are offered by many other vendors, but we differ in so many ways that once you learn more about us, we are confident that you will actively consider us when seeking assistance with your own plans and initiatives.

We are dedicated to innovation. We believe that the best organizations are those which continually build on their proven strengths by investing in creative and innovative solutions to an evolving and changing business environment. We operate under these principles ourselves and we help our clients do likewise. Take a look at how we reflect this innovation in our products and services, such as Noozle ® the PMOrb ™, and Sir Ganttalot ™.

Focusing on innovation can be a problem for some organizations, however. In the rush to develop a new product or service the essential controls, processes, and procedures required to ensure success can be overlooked. Then, suddenly, products get delayed, have to be reworked, or worse, the original concept is seen to be flawed, and all that creative energy is wasted. On the other hand, putting too many controls or the wrong controls in place can stifle creativity completely. So the winning formula is getting the balance right between creativity and control. The first step on that road may well be to contact Westall Murray International. We specialize in getting that balance just right for every client.

We are dedicated to the collective and individual wellbeing and success of our clients, our staff, and our partners. We strive for ethical dealings in all our interactions and contracts. As citizens of the same planet as all humanity we adopt and promote environmentally-sensitive business practices wherever we are able to do so. (Click here to read more about our green credentials.)

In working with successful organizations, we never forget that there are far too many people in this world who can be overlooked, passed by, or ignored in the scramble for business success. Consequently, we seek to allow others to benefit from our own activities through charitable and philanthropic giving to various causes and programs. (Click here to read more about our philanthropy and community activities.)

Our company is based in Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. innovation hub. We are a woman-owned, veteran-owned small business, registered as such with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. Govt. Central Contractor Registration Database, and the State of Virginia (we are “SWaM” certified). We have partnerships with a number of organizations that allow our services to be obtained through various GSA and other contract vehicles.

Our partnerships and relationships are extensive and are greatly valued by us. We are always seeking new partners, and we operate an excellent referral program that is more generous than any we have seen offered by other vendors. (Click here to read more about our referral program.)

We sincerely hope that this brief overview of our company has been helpful. Please take a look at the rest of our sight, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information about our approach, our products, and our services and solutions, or to enquire about joining our staff or our network of partners.