What Makes Our People Different?

The people we deploy to, or source for, our clients are special because they are selected by professionals in the disciplines they represent. At WMI, we are not simply a staffing or packaged solutions company. And we are certainly not run by people who cannot understand your business. Indeed many consulting and staffing companies seem to be run by people who are not experts themselves in the fields of the people that work for them.

WMI prides itself in the fact that all of our people, from the President and CEO through to our newest team member, have the technical ability and consulting skills necessary to deliver services directly to our customers whenever needed. This means that all of us are current in our various business fields, and by extension, it means that when we choose a new member of our team, that person has won the confidence of people who have the ability to select the best. These, then, are the people that we provide to you. They have been screened by us, and have our full confidence not only as their employer, but also as their peers.