Our Innovation Portfolio

At Westall Murray International, we are dedicated to innovation. But innovation needs to be done the right way. By this we don’t just mean that the innovation process itself needs to be done in the most effective way possible. We also want the end results to be truly beneficial to our clients, and we do not want to see a negative impact on society, culture, or the environment.

All of that represents a lofty set of goals. We aim to meet them through a combined approach of excellence in consulting and business services, coupled with ongoing and critical scrutiny of the ethics and root value of what we are doing and what we are supporting.

In addition to supporting our clients in their own quests for innovation, we offer some unique products and services which you can read about in more detail on the appropriate pages of our site. Highlights include:

Noozle is our trademarked software offering. The product complements a range of Project Management and other software applications by providing an “exploration portal” into the data contained in each application. To illustrate this, consider any one of several movie-focused Web Sites. On these sites, you can roam through the information by selecting, say, a movie title, and then seeing a list of actors and roles. Click on an actor, and you will see all the other movies the actor was in, along with the role in that movie. Click one of those other roles, and you can see which actors filled that role in other movies. Where you go is up to you, and what you look at is up to you, based on whatever sparks your interest. But at the end of your time “exploring,” you know a whole lot more about those movies, actors and roles than you did before. Noozle® allows a similar approach to exploring data you already have in your enterprise. The Noozle® for Microsoft Project Server product takes you on an exploration of Projects, Tasks and Resources that is very analogous to the Movie, Role Actor example we just discussed.

The PMOrb™
Sometimes you will hear someone say in exasperation, “I don’t have a crystal ball you know!” when they are asked about the expected end date of a project, about the likely cost return on a project portfolio, or some other challenging matter. Well, now they can have a crystal ball, and it can be linked wirelessly to Microsoft Project Server or other PM Tool data! More specifically they can have a PMOrb™ which is an Ambient Orb as provided by Ambient Devices, Inc. using Westall Murray software to trigger changes in the color or pulse rate of the Orb based on changes in task, project, resource of portfolio data held in your project management tool database. The changes are sent over the pager network in near-real time (less than 15 minutes after a data update). This “Glanceable” technology delivers up-to-date information to decision makers in an aesthetically pleasing way!


Sir Ganttalot™
Sir Ganttalot spends his free time recording short YouTube videos containing advice, tips, and tricks relating to project management and the use of project management software. Check him out as he slays his latest project management monster (management, organization, network, scheduling, tracking error!). Who is Sir Ganttalot? Well, one of our PM experts was sitting in his office one day when some sort of time anomaly threw him back in time to the Ancient Kingdom of Wessex (597 A.D.) (Or so he says anyway!) To survive, he took a position managing a Castle Construction Project for King Calderwulf III. Naturally the project came in on time, within budget, and with all ramparts intact and fully functional. Our consultant was dubbed “Sir Ganttalot” by a Grateful King, and then immediately woke up back in his office.



Time-Independent PM Methodology™ One of the reasons we like innovation so much is the fact that we like to think of the future as already being here, but just waiting to be revealed. Philosophers often pose the question, “If someone thinks of something, does thinking about it make it exist in some way?” Although that sounds like a mere thought experiment, we have found that when a new product or concept is being developed, insufficient attention is given in most PM methodologies to how the nature of the finished product affects the steps that lead up to it. A concrete example of this is the standard approach to Risk Management. A risk is typically assessed in terms of its probability of occurrence, and the degree of impact if the risk occurs. This is unfortunately only part of the picture. In many cases the mere existence of a risk will have an impact even before it occurs, in the sense that it modifies the approach, behavior, and actions of those who are aware of the risk. To ensure that such time-independent relationships exist within all projects we have developed a flexible Time-Independent PM Methodology™ that we deploy when supporting highly innovative projects. The methodology includes processes and artifacts that allow us to accurately model and support the true relationships that exist as our customers make their visions a reality.