Our Green Credentials

Our company directors have been passionate about environmental issues and the natural world for decades. In 1985 our company CEO built on his experience in Forest Management and Conservation by acting as the second in command of the main phase of Project Wallace, a year-long expedition to the jungles of Sulawesi, Indonesia, to study the biodiversity of the tropical rain forest. The expedition documented many new species and discovered previously unknown relationships between the flora and fauna forming part of the magnificent ecosystem to be found on the island.

Our Company President, Judy Westall, now spearheads our efforts to act as responsible corporate citizens of our earthly environment as it suffers under the stress of humanity's collective damaging "footprints" of various varieties (carbon, toxic waste, energy consumption, etc, etc., etc.). Judy has issued a directive that all replacement company vehicles will be low-emission or alternative fuel vehicles. All existing vehicles will be retained and maintained at peak efficiency for as long as possible. We do this because we want to ensure that the "footprint" involved in the production of replacement vehicles only happens when absolutely necessary. We believe that extending the life of perfectly usable machinery is more important than discarding it prematurely. Our Toyota Camry has returned some 250,000 miles/400,000 Km of reliable, efficient service, and seems set to continue delivering 32 miles per U.S. gallon (38.4 miles per imperial gallon, 13.6 Km per litre) for years to come.

Our Corporate Office sits in 2 acres of carefully managed Virginia native woodland and meadows that we maintain to provide food, water, shelter and space for raising young for a variety of local species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.  Our efforts have been endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation which has certified the property as a Wildlife Habitat.

We Sposored the 2008 Power of DC Electric Vehicle autosports event held in Hagerstown, MD in June 2008.  Some 144 Electric AutoCross runs were made and 2 NEDRA Electric Drag Race records were broken! Both events had 15 vehicles racing on both days and many more EVs and hybrids were in attendance and on display. People came from across the US to the Power of DC from Virginia to California. CBS News, NBC, Planet Green, The Herald and the Discovery Channel came out to cover the excitement. See www.PowerofDC.com for details.

The above examples represent a commitment that permeates and manifests itself throughout our company and in all our business activities. To discuss these issues further, please feel free to e-mail our Company President, Judy Westall: judy@westallmurray.com.