We are delighted to welcome you to our site. Please spend some time as our guest looking at the innovations that Westall Murray International brings to the world of Project Management via our services, consulting offerings, products and solutions. Click on the various Tabs and Links to see how we differ from other companies. Uncover our philosophy, our values, and our commitment to the success of our clients.

As you travel our pages we will show you our PMOrb ™, a “Glanceable” glowing desktop device that conveys information about a project portfolio or individual project tasks and resources. We will introduce you to Sir Ganttalot™, who presents insights on Project Management topics via YouTube videos. Of particular pride to us is our software innovation, Noozle ® an “exploration” tool that allows you to meander through data held in Microsoft Project and other tools at your own pace, following leads and taking parallel paths, as your own inspiration and needs dictate. Do feel free to take an in depth look at these and other offerings.

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If you leave our site with just one message, we hope it is this. Westall Murray International is the ideal partner for you as you plan and implement your own innovations. We are innovative in our own right so we are keenly aware of the need to avoid stifling your creativity and energy by imposing too many dogmatic processes and controls. On the other hand we have learned over and over again that unfocused, unchanneled creativity can be wasted and nonproductive. So the winning formula is getting the balance right between creativity and control. The first step on that road may well be to contact Westall Murray International.


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